Interactive performance / installation
Corafoam, tripod legs, video display, Google MoonTM.


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  • The vernacular of the of ce is a constant and unavoidable presence in many of our lives, a sub-culture that spans disciplines, boundaries and societies. HRI (Unpaid Internship) takes that language and distills it into a microcosm — an immersive performance and installation that recon gures the workplace as a musical instrument.
  • This December is kicking off its first regular screening of the year at the Water Bar & Public Studio in Northeast Minneapolis. We'll be screening videos based on the theme "water". Show up with a video on a thumb drive or just yourself, we'd love to see you! MNKINO is an open-ended filmmaking community that provides a venue for videomakers of all skill levels to screen their work and meet other artists. Currently MNKINO is presenting quarterly open screenings and the annual summertime Fi…