silk, cotton, printing, embroidery, construction
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  • For this ArtPrize proposal, the artists Anna Carlson and Mort Eicher propose to explore 1880s sweatshop conditions, and air the sweaty residue still clinging to the needle trade today.  Gender, ethnicity, and birthplace in early production facilities influenced labor assignments, advancement, and the pay received. Today, these factors are still in effect in the US, as well as abroad.   The artists will interpret a sweatshop environment in the 200 Ottowa space with garments, cloth, and printing…
  • Anna Carlson updated the Artwork Engram 1
    The recalled text in Engram 1 serves as material to be examined and perpetuated. Stories of my mother’s life as a designer/maker become word-patterns. Sixty-four pages tell the story of a story, from audio recording, to hand-written transcription, to a digital typeset screen-printed image of the text on fabric. In her recollections, I find parallels to my own life and trace them with hand stitches. Each gestural stitch commits her words to the cloth, fusing her memories to my body/mind and its…