Poetical Picturebook
Poetical Picturebook
The second book of Artemis Sere's 8-book series, "The Bonesetter's Revenge", "Xenomorphine" explores the mutation and metamorphosis of a struggling, surviving human into a culture-challenging artist, an alien among the native species. "Xenomorphine" is a mind-bending compilation of poetry, short fiction, graphic art and photography.
Poetical Picturebook


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    A union of creative storms, the first book from Minneapolis, Minnesota author Artemis Sere is an anthology of poetry, short fiction, photography and graphic art. It is an honest reflection on life, truth and humanity from a globally diverse (and sometimes perverse) secular humanist, inked in blood and set in bone. Sometimes comical, often brutal and real, "Obscurious" covers topics ranging from American culture and politics, health conditions, love, loss, death, rebirth and the highs and lows of…