by   February 14, 2007

A guide to editing your Event on the Events Calendar

Editing your event.


After you have logged into your account you can edit any of your events.

To start:

Click on My Account, this brings you to the Maintain Account page.

In the far right hand column under account information click on Add/Edit Event

Now you are at the List Events page, from here you can add new events or edit events you have already posted.

Click to add new Event: this will bring you to the Add Event page

Current events | all events: These options determine which events are shown in the list below. Current events shows only the events that are actively on the calendar, while all events shows every event you have posted on the calendar, even if their time has passed.


Your Events List:

This lists all of you events according to the current events | all events option. From here you can edit and delete your events.

You can click on the title of each event to view it.

To edit click on ‘edit’

To delete the Event click on ‘delete’

After you click on edit it will take you back to the page where you initially created the event, now it is labeled Edit Event. Everything works the same as it did in the event creation.