by Jon Nelson   June 4, 2007

Some Assembly Required is a weekly focus on sample based music and audio art. Host Jon Nelson explores the world of sound collage via this weekly podcast of his nationally syndicated radio program
Episode 174, Some Assembly Required
Episode 174, Some Assembly Required
Episode 174, Some Assembly Required


Episode 174, Some Assembly Required


The featured profile this week at the SAR BLOG is KFAI’s Greg Carr. Tune in to this week’s episode of Some Assembly Required (#174) to hear a track off of his Innova Records release, “Technological Retreat Mixes, Volume One,” along with fifteen additional sound collages by DJ Broken Window, Brian Eno & David Byrne, Escape Mechanism, Forty One, Lecture On Nothing, LF Peee, Martinn, Mediatronic Research Laboratory, DJ Nikoless, DJ QBert, Klarc Qent, Steinski and Mass Media, The Tape-beatles, DJ Tripp, The Wholesome Family Singers and Wobbly.

Two standouts this week are from the Twin Cities…

Our featured artist at the SAR Blog is Greg Carr, known most recently as the host of Dig Up The Roots, which broadcasts Tuesday mornings from 9 to 11 am on KFAI (90.3 and 106.7 FM). Innova Records recently released a CD of live recordings from Carr’s previous KFAI venture, “Technological Retreat,” which aired from 1-6am every Sunday night from 1985-1989. The program was a weekly exploration of live, improvised sample-based music and audio art. The CD is a compilation of Carr’s favorite selections from the program.

Another Twin Cities’ connection this week is from yet another local radio personality… DJ Nikoless Skratch is the artist behind a CD titled “This Is Where You Got It From, Theories of Origin, Volume 3.” This particular installment in his series of hip hop history lessons is about the history of the DJ. Nikoless also hosts Redefinition Radio, at The Current (89.3 FM, Saturdays, 11-midnight), as Kevin Beacham. His track this week on Some Assembly Required is a sample based turntable composition/cut-up collage chronicling an ongoing debate between DJs. The title says it all: “Disc vs. Vinyl (You Decide).” You can also check out my 2005 phone interview with DJ Nikoless online – episode #103 is archived HERE.

Don’t forget to check out the SAR Q&A with KFAI’s Greg Carr at the SAR Blog, and download this week’s episode HERE

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Jon Nelson is an artist, curator and producer, focused almost exclusively on collage, with forays into radio, visual art, theater, writing and installation. His nationally syndicated radio program (Some Assembly Required) is a weekly radio art show, featuring the talents of audio artists who appropriate sounds from their media environments.

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