by Laotian American Writers Society   January 23, 2012

Lao American writers are looking your stories and art for the very first full-length anthology of Lao American speculative art and literature.

Approaching 40 years in the US, there are many Lao Americans who love science fiction, fantasy, horror, myths and legends. 

Their goal is to publish it later this year. Whether it's a story of Lao astronauts in a distant future, nak in ancient Lan Xang, the missing adventures or Xieng Mieng, or wild weretigers and kinnali in a Laotown filled with superheroes and time-traveling silapin cyborgs, they want to hear about it! 

Organized by award-winning Lao American writers Bryan Thao Worra and Saymoukda Vongsay, the anthology aims to examine how Lao look at the fantastic and articulate a vision of the future in the wake of the Lao diaspora. They are seeking original stories, poems and experimental literature. Visual artists are also encouraged to apply. The deadline to submit is January 31st, 2012 but if artists need an extension of the deadline they can request one. 

For more information visit or email submissions and additional questions to