by   October 18, 2012

This month's episode of's literary podcast, hosted by Brian Beatty, features a spooky story by writer and humorist Rob Callahan, of Rockstar Storytellers,, l'etoile magazine and others.

ABOUT THE PODCAST: You Are Hear is a literary podcast production of Each monthly edition will feature new, original work by a Minnesota writer or two. The show is available on our site, of course, but also's Audioboo page (for ease of sharing and downloading). Stories, poems, humor pieces, spoken word performances and whatever else talented folks can do with nouns and verbs - all presented in downloadable audio form for you to enjoy when and where you choose. It's like a dozen free little books to put in your ears.

ABOUT THE HOST: Brian Beatty has published his jokes, poems and short stories in a variety of print and online publications. He's performed comedy all over the Twin Cities. Brian's humor chapbook DUCK! was published in 2009.  



Rob Callahan is the handsome author of Hellbound Snowballs and A Wish Upon a Fallen Sky. His works of fiction appear in several anthologies, literary journals and live shows. His nonfiction has appeared regularly in l'etoile Magazine and on His expertise is often tapped on writing panels and in talks about modern writing and publishing. While he focuses on humor, he isn't above writing the occasional scary story. Find out more on


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