by Artist League   December 29, 2012

Artist League Studios seeks paid interns, artists, and volunteers.

Artist League Studios is excited to announce our latest project:

TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY MASTERS --a reality based TV show scheduled to air on a national cable channel in the spring of 2013. We are currently taking applications for both interns and artists that have a story to tell about something they are doing—or an idea for something they want to do that will have a positive impact on their community. The show is about showcasing the most brilliant minds in the Arts and inspiring other artists to reach for philanthropic goals through their respective crafts. Show includes celebrity icons in both the arts and other relevant subjects pertaining to mastery and human technologies; memes etc… Imagine a new Peace Corps if you will----an Army Corps of Artist/Engineers! Partnering with Save the Children, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Free Arts and many others to give artists a new voice of leadership. We also need volunteers that are interested in donating a small amount of their time on the initiatives that each show undertakes. Each show recognizes a different cause/charity/organization that we help through an action initiative ---the artists come to the rescue so to speak to help worthy ideas succeed and prosper. This not Art21 ---it’s not about the ‘me-my-mine’ of those most worthy artists deemed by Academia and another expose on artists and their work, quite the contrary.

Internships come with monthly stipend. Selected participants will be based on a broad range of skill-sets so, please be thorough in your resume on all qualifications not just your artwork.

Artist volunteers are non-paying positions (but are recognized in credits for on-camera action shots or individual shots introducing the team members in each episode)

 In Subject line please use “Intern” “Volunteer” or “Artist”

For more info:



Just send us an email and tell us something about yourself.

At Artist League “we are connecting the tools with the talent and interested most in the vision of brilliant minds!”