by Northern Community Radio   January 16, 2013

Northern Community Radio (91.7 KAXE/Grand Rapids, 89.9/Brainerd, 90.5 KBXE/Bemidji, 103.9/Ely) is now airing a program called THE BEAT, which features a short poem every weekday by a Minnesota poet, published or not, well known or not. Rolling deadline.

Aside from quality, there are really only two criteria for submission: 1) the poet must currently live in Minnesota or have some demonstrably strong connection to the state; and 2) the poem has to fit into the show’s three- to four-minute format. There are no deadlines. Published and unpublished work will be considered. The program is funded through June 2013, by way of Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

THE BEAT runs on Northern Community Radio’s Morning Show, during NPR’s Morning Edition, between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., and again in the afternoon between 3:30 and 4:00, before NPR’s All Things Considered. Your poem will be broadcast on 150,000 watts of signal power, meaning much of northern Minnesota will be able to pick it up, from Thief River Falls to Ely to Hermantown to Pierz. Other stations in the Association of Minnesota Public/Educational Radio Stations (AMPERS) have the option to use THE BEAT’s poems---and they do.

Written work samples (e.g. Word documents) are considered, but the best way to submit work is in your own voice, in a quality recording (e.g. MP3), emailed to

A short bio---the 25-or-fewer-words variety---should accompany your submission.

If your work is accepted and you’d prefer (our preference, too) to read your own work but don’t have the gear to record yourself, consider making a visit to either of our studios, in Grand Rapids or Bemidji. With advance notice, we’ll make sure someone will be on hand to serve as your personal engineer. Or perhaps you know someone (who knows someone) at one or another of the other public/community stations around the state who could help you. For instance, KFAI/Minneapolis recorded two of the poets you’ll hear on THE BEAT.

If you don’t wish to read your own work but the idea of THE BEAT appeals to you, submit your work sample (1-5 poems) via a Word document, and if the jury selects it someone on staff here will be happy to read it for you. The jury meets weekly and is considering hundreds of submissions, which have been flowing in since July 1, 2012; it’s not a speedy process, but we will get back to you.

Small stipends will be awarded to writers whose work is accepted.

MISSION: Northern Community Radio builds community in northern Minnesota through radio programming, cultural events and interactive media.

We’ve been doing this for 36+ years, via 91.7 KAXE in Grand Rapids, and just switched on our associate station, 90.5 KBXE in Bemidji-Bagley, last year. We also have two translators: 89.9, in the Brainerd-Baxter area, and 103.9, in Ely.

Here’s to poetry, yours and ours.