A Moveable Feast
By access+ENGAGE
January 24, 2007
Rendezvous Cafe
Rendezvous Cafe Shanty, photo by Monica Sheets

Rendezvous Cafe

People who live in warmer climes just don’t get it. We Minnesotans know that winter—deep January kind of winter when it’s so cold the snow squeaks with every step—trims fat from the soul. A landscape that wears the season harshly and without apology doesn’t allow its residents to wallow in nonessentials: what you need is a warm place to hunker down when the wind chill drops. We dress for the weather and appreciate the inestimable worth of Polartec. In honor of the season, this issue of a+E is devoted to January’s ice and those hardy artists unafraid to make their homes there. And what homes they’ve made. Now in its fourth year, the Soap Factory-sponsored Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake have returned with a community of artists’ ice houses, each more whimsical, delightful, and ingenious than the next. Mashup features a personal chronicle from opening weekend, courtesy The Art Shanty Projects’ co-founders Peter Haakon Thompson and David Pitman and their diaries of the first week’s greatest hits. You’ll also want to pay special attention to this issue’s mnAccess—we’re launching the new print arts quarterly, 10,000 Arts, in style and we want you to join us. And don’t forget to poke around in the Homepage and You Are Here sections for tips on the latest features you’ll find this week on along with a handpicked selection of the region’s most promising arts events.

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