—Featuring a conversation with artist Michael Thomsen about the lure of the circus and how his first job as a kid, sorting through junk drawers of the recently deceased, left its mark on his artwork
By What Dreams Are Made Of
December 5, 2007
"Clock" by Zoom In artist Michael Thomsen


With the weather turning colder and a fresh blanket of snow outside, it's natural to get a bit introspective, so for this issue of a+E we'll explore artwork that makes itself at home in the underbelly of the imagination. Zoom In artist Michael Thomsen creates fantastic three-dimensional worlds out of paint, the objects people leave behind, and a spirit of pure invention —each piece a darkly playful wonderland complete in itself. And don't miss Amaru Ro-Aguilar's gorgeously surreal paintings, highlighted in One for the Road and on display now at the Nuestra Frida (Our Frida) exhibition presented by Grupo Soap del Corazon. If more traditional holiday dream sequences are what you want, You Are Here points you toward a bevy of Nutcrackers, both naughty and nice, to choose from. In addition to a host of arts events and sales, as always, we have an array of engaging feature articles, interviews, reviews, and artist opportunities available for you on

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