Highlights include an essay on Guillermo Kuitca's human cartographies, a review of the McKnight dance solos, Skando summer cabins, and a new monthly audio sampler by Ampers
By aE 55.2: Works in Progress
July 22, 2010

Laura Stack's work is on view in the group show, To Be Continued, at the newly revived Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis through the end of July.

In this issue: Works in Progress

The real work of art happens long before a finished piece hits the stage, or page, or gallery walls - the gritty, day-to-day reality of art-making is in the roil of development, the sweat of conception, and the trial and error of execution before an artist settles on just the right path. Featured articles in this issue celebrate that process: from an artistic director's passion for fostering the development of playwrights, to dancers who fearlessly leap from familiar territory to experiment with something new, or architects who find their vision, not in grand public projects, but in pursuit of the perfect rustic cabin in the woods. 

PLUS: Celebrate tpt's new weekly arts show MN Original AND the CSA (Community Supported Art) program by and Springboard for the Arts in Mears Park this Friday

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