Features in this - the 100th issue of a+E! - include an essay on the life and death of the upstart Twin Cities art 'zine ARP! and a provocative conversation about family around the Tweed's exhibition, "You and Yours."
By aE 56.1: Milestones
August 5, 2010

Faber's still photographs and short film, Living Organics, is on view at Augsburg College's Gage Family Art Gallery through September 30.

In this issue: Milestones

This week's access+ENGAGE - our 100th issue of the e-journal, if you can believe it! - features two particularly insightful essays: a conversation between artist and writer Ann Klefstad and independent curator Patricia Briggs on the complex weave of relationships, light and dark, that make a family, and an essay by Andy Sturdevant reflecting on the lifespan of the upstart art 'zine, ARP!

PLUS: Community Supported Art (CSA) is taking artist submissions for season two of the popular program



As it is rare in large cities there are interesting side quests - although there it was God himself who ordered! Most of the tasks are too standard for the genre. Even the potentially unorganized situation with the revival of the guild of magicians in the capital in the end comes down to the need to kill so many different types of opponents. One day our light-bearer will be offered to marry, but even then he will have to run around tediously and tediously at different locations, simply learning: did not see where the guy went? And then look for another important artifact. Not in Emberneither sparkling humor, nor really unusual partners - even our ember, a certain fairy who lives in a lamp, communicates little, does not play a trick, and does not participate in the game in any way. Yes, and the image of the protagonist is not fully disclosed. Potentially, he is very powerful - he has risen from the dead, his face is disfigured, he does not remember anything, he has a little companion friend who helps to refresh the memory ... Does not it remind you? But our light-bearer before Nameless from Planescape: Torment - as the first PlayStation to the fourth. He practically does not develop relations with partners (you just can not talk to them), philosophical reasoning is not allowed, and his unique abilities to communicate with the dead and with a friend-ember is used too seldom and mostly on the plot. However, all the above claims can be called the grumbling veteran of the classic party RPG. For two hundred rubles in addition to the beautiful picture, epic campaign for twenty hours and complex tactical battles, want total non-linearity, moral choice, elegant quests, humor and elaboration of the main character at the level of Planescape: Torment ? But. Ember , in fact, a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. Yes, the game does not get to the top of the genre, but it remains a fascinating party RPG, which can brighten up your evenings in anticipation of the continuations of Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin. Pros :an epic story for twenty hours; set of quests; deep study of the jogos friv game universe; an unusual protagonist; complex tactical battles; a lot of opportunities for "crafting". Cons: despite promises, the game is mostly linear, and quests are banal.

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