Highlights include a last call for artists for the fall season of CSA, reviews of "Perceptual Opponents" at Mpls Photo Center and "The Art of Conflict" at Tarnish & Gold, and a new Ampers Sampler
By aE 56.2: Field Day
August 18, 2010

Fleischer's work is part of "GM 2010: A Theory of Values," opening at the Soap Factory August 28. (Image: "Pointing at the Finger/Sucking on the Moon," 2009)

In this issue: Field Day

Check out some of what you'll find at's annual Field Day celebration tomorrow: a Plein Air garden party all day in the Sculpture Garden, the return of the Greenspace Games, and a local artists' mart in the afternoon, followed by a performative history of hip hop and a happy hour performance by the Rockstar Storytellers in the Walker's new patio space, capped off by old-fashioned acoustic campfire sets on the hill, performed by local musicians Holley Munoz, the Roe Family Singers and Velvet Davenport. Come join us, after work or for the whole day, won't you? Help us send out the summer arts season with a bang.

PLUS: Last call for artists interested in participating in the second season of the popular Community Supported Art (CSA)

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