Highlights include a new essay on jazz by Jeremy Walker, profiles of graphic novelist Will Dinski and filmmaker Jake Yuzna, two new mnLIT winners' pieces, and more
By aE 59: A Gracious Plenty
November 22, 2010

Image: Droid Daycare, digital photograph

In this issue: A Gracious Plenty

The sheer abundance available to Minnesota arts lovers this time of year is astounding - you've got a wealth of art sales and locally made stocking stuffers from which to choose, symposia and readings, holiday farces and variety shows, and dance extravaganzas aplenty, not to mention a visual arts exhibition season that's in full swing all around the state. So, as you gather around the table with your loved ones next week, give some thanks for the rich array of offerings provided by the arts community around here, would you? And then go take advantage of some of it!

PLUS: Northfield's ArtOrg celebrates community art with "The Big Print Block Party" this weekend

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