Features include a new jazz essay by composer/pianist Jeremy Walker, review of Kira Obolensky's collaboration with Shawn McConneloug, a first-person account of Northern Spark, and more
By aE 65.1: The Living End
June 10, 2011

Image courtesy of the artist (Golden Fissure, 2010)

In this issue: The Living End

I've noticed a subtle shift in emphasis of late -away from the notion of art as commodity, toward conversations about cultural work removed from the tidy white box of the gallery, situated squarely in the messiness of the land of the living. In this month's music column, Jeremy Walker reflects on the life's work of two very different pianists, both of whom have deeply influenced his own musical topographies. His elegant essay, in particular, got me thinking about the dynamism inherent in cultivating a creative career - the thicket of evolving influences and happenstance encounters that inevitably tinge one's daily practice, the ebb and flow of commitment through the course of one's career, as family and financial circumstances allow. It's a welcome shift in focus on art as a process rather than destination -- a lived pursuit, not a collectible.

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