A Call for African American and other Women Artists for the exhibition 'Uncle Tom to Peeping Tom: Race & Gender Matters"
By Union Art Gallery
December 4, 2005

A Call Out for African American and other Women Artists for the exhibition 'Uncle Tom to Peeping Tom: Race & Gender Matters"    

This February 26, 2006, the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Union Art Gallery (UWM Union Art Gallery and the arts organization African American Artists Beginning to Educate Americans About African American Art (ABEA), will be co-sponsoring an exhibition entitled "Uncle Tom to Peeping Tom: Race & Gender Matters." This exhibition will take place at The Wisconsin African American Women's Center (WAAWC) as a companion to "Blessed" the Joyce Scott exhibition, which will be exhibited at the UWM Union Art Gallery . Evelyn Patricia Terry, a Milwaukee-based artist and ABEA member will be curating the "Uncle Tom to Peeping Tom: Race & Gender Matters" exhibition. The exhibition continues through March 30, 2006 .  

Please contact Andrea Skyberg at 414.229.6310 for a prospectus or Terry at 414.264.6766.   Women artists, 18 years or older, are invited to submit work that deals with issues of race and gender: politically, socially, culturally, religiously and aesthetically, to be considered for this exhibition. The exhibition's primary focus is African - American women, but the organizers are interested in including artists of other cultures and races exploring these issues within their own racial, ethnic, or cultural groups. Because funding was received belatedly for a catalog and shipping, and additionally a new community site had to be confirmed to host the exhibition, we are on a tight deadline.  

These materials must be received by Dec. 16th, 2005 . Please submit 5 slides or digital images on a CD. The digital images must be submitted as 5" x 7" 300 dpi jpegs. You must submit an artist statement (200 words or less) that refers to your work and the exhibition topic, as well as a current bio, 200 words or less.  

If you plan to submit slides or a CD for consideration, please contact Evelyn Patricia Terry before the December 16, 2005 deadline at 414.264.6766 or by email at [email protected].  

The mailing address for the slides or CD with an artist statement and bio is:  

Attn: Andrea Skyberg, Gallery Manager

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
PO Box 413
Union Art Gallery
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd.

Milwaukee , WI 53201 .    

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