CSA returns this spring! With the same buy-local spirit as Community Supported Agriculture, and Springboard for the Arts seek Minnesota artists, of all disciplines, for our third season of the Community Supported ART (CSA) program.
By for the Arts
February 8, 2011

Community Supported ART! (CSA)
Spring 2011

CSA is back for a thrid season of locally produced and supported art!
Join us for a third season of the popular program that connects local artists and collectors. Haven't heard of CSA and want to find out how you can participate?  Read on to learn about the program and how you can get involved as an artist or a shareholder.

What is a CSA?
Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, and Springboard for the Arts joined forces for a similar endeavor to support local art, artists and collectors.  We are seeking Minnesota artists, of all disciplines, to continue perpetuating the CSA program.

How CSA works:
Artists are selected from a pool of applicants by a jury composed of luminaries from local food and art communities. Selected artists will receive a stipend of $1,000 to create 50 "shares" for the program by a set deadline.  Shareholders purchase shares for $300 and will receive 1 box containing 3 works of art at 3 different pick up dates throughout the Spring/Summer season.  The pick-up evenings will be a local art sites and will be events in themselves.

Benefits of the CSA program include:
For Artists
Support for the creation of new work
Establish relationships with local collectors and patrons
Participate in an exciting new model of art support and distribution! 

For Collectors
Receive multiple works from local emerging and mid-career artists at a fantastic value!
Develop relationships with the local artists and art community
Discover new artists and explore a variety of disciplines
Support local artist's careers and a vibrant community

Interested in participating in a CSA?
Interested Artists: How to apply and FAQs
Artists are encouraged to submit proposals based on artwork they are already creating, but with consideration for the format of the program.  A typical share will consist of a work of art/object of artistic production - multiples are encouraged, however creative ideas that translate your practice into this format or connect to themes like sustainability, farm, or food are also welcome but not required. For example a limited edition of vinyl 7", a run of screen-prints, series of small tea cups, run of photographs, a limited access performance or event, letterpress editions of a poem or short story, or even 50 small original paintings. Partnerships between artists are also welcome.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • While not everyone works small, think about how you could fit what you do into a 12" x 18" x 12" box. If you usually make giant paintings, think about how you could get a sample of your work into a collector's hands.
  • Not everyone is a maker of objects. For artists working in performance, film, sound, installation, etc., think about how you can format what you do into a commissioned object for collectors. Maybe musicians might opt for a limited edition recording, or filmmakers a uniquely packaged dvd. If your work is ephemeral, think about how to get it to your audience and vice versa.
  • Keep in mind that this is a commission for unique artworks. We may love what you are already making, but the stipend is not intended for the purchase of 50 commercial products.
  • Also note that participating artists will need to consider the delivery of their shares.  If your objects are fragile, know that you may need to wrap/box/pad the indiviual shares to protect them.

Applications for consideration in the Spring CSA program open on February 15, 2011. To apply, please submit the following materials via our application site at

Please read the guidlines thoroughly and prepare the following materials in advance of applying through the application site:

1) Samples of your current work

  • VISUAL ARTISTS: 4 images at 72 dpi jpegs, 900 pixels or less in the longest direction.  One of these images should be an image or mock-up of the work you are proposing. 
  • MUSICIANS: Please provide links to 3 audio examples of your work hosted at an outside site. An image illustrating your final format or packaging is also recommended.
  • PERFORMING ARTS -VIDEO: Please provide links to 3 video examples of your work hosted at an outside site.  For example You Tube, Vimeo etc. An image illustrating your final format or packaging is also recommended.
  • WRITERS: Please provide 3 writing samples as pdfs. An image illustrating your final format or packaging is also recommended.

2)  A brief artist's statement which includes a proposal for the work you would create for the project.  Why is this work a good fit for the Community Supported Art program? (500 words max)

3) One page Artist's Resume. Please organize your accomplishments into sections (for example: education, employment/professional experience, exhibitions, awards, publications, miscellaneous) and save your resume as a pdf.

Selected artists will be notified by Mid-April, 2011.

General Guidelines:
Proposed work must be completed by June 15, 2011.
Please contact us if your work sample documentation does not fit the suggested formats.
Full stipend and delivery arrangements will be available upon acceptance of contract.
The stipend award is intended to assist with the production costs of the pieces.
Work should be easily transportable and fit into a 18" x 12" x 12" box

For tips on what to submit, check out Scott's helpful link on facebook!

For questions regarding the program contact Project Director, Scott Stulen at [email protected] or 612-375-7616.

For questions about the application process contact Program Assistant, Jehra Patrick, at [email protected] or 651-252-1137.

For questions on purchasing a share please contact Springboard for the Arts Operations Assistant, Andy Sturdevant at [email protected] or 651-292-4381.






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