The Race Museum is commissioning 5 new works to become part of its permanent collection and would like you to submit a detailed proposal by December 15th.
By The Race Museum
November 16, 2005
The Race Museum
A Counter Narrative for a New National Identity


Do you believe that race is a social construction that gives white people
power and control in our society and preferences white cultural values and
norms over all others?

Are you an artist experienced with interactive art that involves the viewer
as a participant or even co-creator?

The Race Museum is commissioning 5 new works to become part of its permanent
collection and would like you to submit a detailed proposal by December

Successful submissions will confront the concept of white supremacy, its
stories of creation, its links with other oppressions and/or tell stories of
resistance to white supremacy. Symbols of ³diversity,² e.g. black and white
shaking hands, will not be considered.

COMMISSION AWARD: Five artists will be awarded $1000 for each piece paid on
receipt of the artwork.

EXHIBITION: As a traveling show, The Race Museum will visit Boston, New
York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and St. Louis in the spring of 2006.
Each show will take place over a weekend and be accompanied by speakers and
workshops that explore issues of race and oppression in our society. The
goal of the traveling show is to bring greater awareness to the presence and
power of white supremacy in our culture, its intricacies and nuances and how
to confront it.

ELIGIBILITY: The exhibition is open to artists, national and international,
working in all media.
* All works MUST have some form of audience participation.
Paintings/photographs, by themselves, are NOT eligible.
* All proposals must be postmarked by December 15th, 2005
* All works should fit within a 10¹ x10¹ space (including the room needed
for the audience to interact with it) and should be no smaller than 2¹ x 2¹
* Proposals will include a sketch (or image) of the proposed installation
and a detailed summary explaining the impact, effect and intention of the

IMAGE PRESENTATION: Digital files (TIF or JPEG no larger than 15MB)
submitted on a CD are the preferred format, but 35mm slides will also be
accepted. Include a reference sheet with the title, media and dimensions of
the work. Each CD or slide must be numbered and labeled with the artist¹s

RETURN OF MERCHANDISE: A Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) must be
included with sufficient postage for the return of the materials. Proposals
without a properly stamped SASE will not be returned. Do not send original

NOTIFICATION: Artists will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance no
later than January 15th, 2006. Notification will be made by mail or email,
whatever is the preference of the artist. Finished works must be received by
March 20th. All awards will be granted on receipt of artwork, except in
certain cases.

ENTRY FEE: There is no entry fee. Many people will enter as a result, so
please make sure you understand our guidelines.

In lieu of an entry fee each proposal must include a summary of the work
that answers the following questions.

1.   How does this work explore a story of race/white supremacy or a story
of resistance to white supremacy

2.   How is the work interactive? How does the viewer become a participant
with the art and the experience?

3.   What is the intention of the work? How does it help people have an
encounter with their identities?
The summary should be no less than one page and no more than three pages.
Proposals without a summary will not be eligible.

DEADLINE: The final postmarked deadline is December 15th, 2005.

ADDRESS AND CONTACT INFORMATION: Please send all proposals to:
Ian White Maher
PO Box 7578
New York, NY 10116

Inquiries and questions can be sent to [email protected]

The Race Museum
Freeing Our Souls From White Supremacy
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