Some Assembly Required is a weekly focus on sample based music and audio art. Host Jon Nelson explores the world of sound collage via this weekly podcast of his nationally syndicated radio program
By Jon Nelson
December 17, 2007

Episode 129, Some Assembly Required

Episode 129, Some Assembly Required

I hope it’s not too early to start celebrating Christmas…

The very first thing I ever podcast (in December, 2005) was a Christmas themed mix of sample based music and audio art. On the radio that week, in Minneapolis, I aired an episode which featured the same playlist. That’s our archived episode this week (#129). I’m uploading it a week early, because many of our syndicating stations use the podcast as their means of receiving each week’s show and I want to make sure they get this week’s episode in time to air before Christmas!

Check out this week’s program to hear Christmas themed tracks by Cassetteboy, Corporal Blossom, Diffusion, Dummy Run, Escape Mechanism, The Evolution Control Committee, Mr. Fab and The RIAA, DJ John, Lovecraft Technologies, No-L, John Oswald and Poj Masta. It’s a bit early, but perhaps it will help get you in the holiday spirit…

I hope to have a new Q&A to upload a bit later this week, so stay tuned to the SAR Blog for that, and download this week’s episode HERE...

Thanks for listening, and happy holidays!
Jon Nelson


Jon Nelson is an artist, curator and producer, focused almost exclusively on collage, with forays into radio, visual art, theater, writing and installation. His nationally syndicated radio program (Some Assembly Required) is a weekly radio art show, featuring the talents of audio artists who appropriate sounds from their media environments.

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