Some Assembly Required is a weekly focus on sample based music and audio art. Host Jon Nelson explores the world of sound collage via this weekly podcast of his nationally syndicated radio program
By Jon Nelson
June 24, 2008

Episode 70, Some Assembly Required

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Episode 70 features thirteen tracks by artists such as Big City Orchestra, Chicago Matt, Department of Corrections, Emergency Broadcast Network, The Evolution Control Committee, Douglas Kahn, Chris Morris/Osymyso, Cliff Roth, Steinski & Mass Media and The Tape-beatles. Check it out HERE.

I think the standout this week is probably by our featured artist at the SAR Blog. Douglas Kahn was one of the collage artists featured in Craig Baldwin’s Sonic Outlaws, which is where I first found out about his work. His sound collage, “Reagan Speaks for himself” was issued by Sub Pop in the 1980’s, got some attention on college radio and was published on flexidisc in Raw No. 4. It was also issued on a folk LP called Reaganomic Blues and included as a dance remix on the Fine Young Cannibals EP, Good Times and Bad.

Kahn is an author and a Professor in the Technocultural Studies, Department of Music, and Art History Programs at the University of California, Davis. Check out our Q&A with him HERE.

Download Episode 70 HERE.

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Jon Nelson


Jon Nelson is an artist, curator and producer, focused almost exclusively on collage, with forays into radio, visual art, theater, writing and installation. His nationally syndicated radio program (Some Assembly Required) is a weekly radio art show, featuring the talents of audio artists who appropriate sounds from their media environments.

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