Answers to your common questions about how to use the new site.
By Mn Artists
October 15, 2014

For step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, please see the following articles on the basic features of the site:



How do I reset my password?

Click on the Login/Join tab in the upper left, and then select Forgot Password. Enter your username or email address, and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

I’m having trouble logging in. What’s wrong?

Make sure you’ve registered for an account on the new site first! Then be sure you’re not entering your email address in place of your username. If you need an admin to look up your username, send a note to [email protected].

How can people who had my old URL find me on the new site?

If you would like your old URL to redirect to your new page, email [email protected] your old and new URLs and an admin will set it up for you.

I'm having trouble finding myself in search. What can I do?

If you're tying your name into the search bar, be sure to also select Artists from the Content filter below! If you don't select a particular type of content, you'll see the most recent content related to your search terms. To go directly to a particular type of content, refine your search using the filters.

How do I change my username and/or URL of my artist page?

Email [email protected] and an admin will set it up for you. Let us know your preferred username, which will generate the URL for your page. (Spaces and underscores will display as hyphens.)

How can I make my profile private?

Go to the My Stuff tab and click on Account. Right above the profile picture, check the circle marked Keep Account Private.

I created an account but I don’t see links to Add Artwork, or Profile or Resume, under My Stuff. Why not?

You may have registered for a Basic account instead of an Artist account. Basic accounts do not have profiles or work samples. If you want to switch to an Artist account, email [email protected] and an admin will take care of it for you.



How do I view my artist profile and artworks?

Click on the My Stuff tab, and then click View (right next to Profile). You can also access a table view of your artworks by clicking Manage (on the same line as Add Artwork).

How can I change my profile picture?

Log in to your account and locate the Account tab under My Stuff.  Click the field to upload a file from your computer.

How do I crop or resize my profile picture?

Mn Artists doesn’t have a built-in photo editor, so you’ll need to crop or resize the image in another program, like Photoshop or Preview.

How do I change the titles under my name and picture?

Artist roles, such as Painter or Poet, on Mn Artists are generated from the work samples that you add to the site. When you add an artwork, the titles you add to the Role(s) field will display underneath your name in search results. You can have as many Roles as you like, or you may choose to keep them consistent across your artworks to just have one role listed.

How are artists grouped by discipline?

Artists are sorted into Communities based on the work samples you add to the site. When you add artworks, the Categories that you select will determine where the artwork and your artist profile display in search results. You can appear in as many Communities as you like, as long as you upload the corresponding artworks!

How can I add a link to my website?

Log in to your account and locate the Resume tab under My Stuff.  At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a tab marked Websites and Accounts. Enter the URL of your website in the URL field, and include text in the Title field if you’d like to it display instead of the link. This link will display by your profile picture on your artist page.

I changed my Biography on the Resume page. Why isn’t it displaying on my profile?

There are actually two different biography fields. The Bio field under Profile is intended as a public “about” section, and this is the one that displays on your artist profile. The Biography field on the Resume can be a more formal biography, and it displays when you click View Resume.



Why won't my work sample upload?

If you are uploading an image or text sample, take note of these specifications:  All files must be less than 25 MB, and allowed file types include: txt, jpg, png, pdf, gif, jpeg.

Why is my video just showing up as a link, instead of embedding properly?

For a video or sound sample, make sure that you are clicking on the plus sign and entering the URL into the Web tab--not the URL line at the bottom of the form! will embed media hosted on Vimeo, YouTube, Soundcloud, or Flickr.

How can I change the order in which artworks are displayed on my page?

On the new Mn Artists, the user chooses the order in which search results display via the Sort tab in the upper right corner. The default view shows the most recent items first, so unless you choose otherwise the most recent artwork will display first on your artist page.

You can also manually rearrange your artworks by clicking on Manage, right next to Add Artwork. Use the arrows to drag and drop the artworks into your preferred order, and be sure to click Save at the bottom when you're done.

My work isn’t represented in the Subject/Concept categories! How can I self-define and categorize my work?

The Subject/Concept categories are intended as broad, conceptual terms that can stretch across disciplines. If you have a term for your work that is not included there, we invite you to include it in the Medium or Genre field, or in the Tags.

How do I delete works that I migrated from the old site?

To delete any artwork, click on Manage (next to Add Artwork) to see a table display of all your artworks. Click Edit in the righthand column of the artwork you want to delete.

Make sure that all required fields (marked with a red asterisk*) are filled out. Migrated artworks will have blank Medium or Genre and Community fields, so you’ll need to enter something there first--doesn’t matter what.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Delete.



How can I use Mn Artists to sell my artwork? / How can I find artworks to purchase on Mn Artists?

Although Mn Artists is not set up for e-commerce, you can mark that your work is for sale! On the Add Artwork page, just check the For Sale box for a particular work. Visitors to the site can search artworks that are for sale. If your work is for listed on another site, such as Etsy, you can include that link on the artwork’s page as well.

How can I find the Opportunities that are most relevant to me?

We encourage you to use the Opportunities section in tandem with the search filters! Select one of the broad Community categories at the top, such as Visual Arts, or click the plus signs to select a sub-discipline, such as Photography, or a particular type of opportunity, such as Call for Artists.

I work in multiple artistic disciplines and participate in multiple artistic communities.  How can I represent this?

We know that many artists wear multiple hats, and we've designed the new site to reflect this.  Where you and your artworks appear within search results is determined by what you include on the Add Artwork form. The Categories you add (such as Music, Photography, etc.) determine the Communities where you’ll be found, and Role(s) you enter (such as Painter, Playwright, etc.) will appear under your name in search results. There’s no limit to the number of roles and categories you can inhabit!

I often work collaboratively, or I’m part of a company or group.  How can my presence on Mn Artists reflect this?

When you register for an account, collaborative groups should also select Artist as their account type, because organization accounts do not include work samples. Be sure to choose a username and password that can be shared among members of your group. On the Profile page, include the First Name and Last Name of a contact person, and then enter your group name in the Pseudonym/Collective. When you add artworks, list your collaborators in the Other Artists Involved field, and they will be credited and searchable. If you have an individual artist page and want to highlight artworks that belong to a group page, we suggest making a public collection that will display on your artist profile.

I am a curator, producer, and/or arts organizer. How can I best use Mn Artists?

You can create an artist profile and share your projects as work samples, including images and video from your events, links to press mentions, or your own contextual writing.  You can also highlight the artists you've worked with in a public collection on your page if you don't want to upload their work samples yourself. As with the old site, you are able to submit calls for artists to the Opportunities page and post events on our member-driven arts calendar.  You can also use the powerful new searching/browsing capabilities to discover new artists!

I represent an arts organization. How can I best use Mn Artists?

Mn Artists continues to serve as a white pages for arts organizations. We invite you to include basic information on your organization profile: mission, programs, contact info, links, etc. We encourage you to publicize your events on the user-submitted events calendar, and they may be featured on our homepage or in our twice-monthly email newsletter. You may also submit calls for artists, jobs, grants, fellowships, and other artist opportunities to [email protected].

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