By Mn Artists
October 15, 2014

What is Mn Artists?

Mn Artists is home to art, writing, opportunities and conversation, online and off, by, for and about Midwestern artists working in every discipline. A program of the Walker Art Center, Mn Artists is dedicated to improving the quality and national visibility of regionally-rooted art, artists and cultural dialogue through a dynamic online community, publication of responsive arts journalism, and by giving artists access to, and connections with, collaborators, influencers and the public.

Why should I be a part of Mn Artists?

For artists, Mn Artists is an opportunity for connection and exposure for you and your creative work. It offers you a free online profile that can highlight your talent, exhibitions, performances, classes, workshops, and services to a large audience. Mn Artists is a bird’s eye view of the arts community, and being represented here facilitates connections with other artists and new audiences.

Who gets a page on Mn Artists?

Mn Artists is for working artists and arts organizations of all disciplines. That means painters, writers, dancers, theater artists, quilters, designers, musicians, woodworkers, and more. You don't have to be making a living from your art -- most artists can't -- but you must have a desire to increase the public's interaction with your work.

Who is building Mn Artists?

Mn Artists is a project of the McKnight Foundation and the Walker Art Center, and was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

I had a profile on the old, but I don’t see it anymore! What’s up?

We launched the rebuilt Mn Artists website in early November, and as part of the transition to the new site, we are asking users who previously had accounts to “opt in” to the new site. This ensures that all pages are active and up to date.

You’ll need to register for a new account (create a new username and password) and then you can bring over your work samples from the old site. Please see these help docs for more information on both processes.

How can I write for Mn Artists?

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Schouweiler accepts pitches and submissions from new writers--both experienced writers and artists who are expanding their practice into writing.  First look at the types of writing we publish, which tends toward idea-driven pieces with lasting relevance and in-depth stories in variety of arts disciplines, covering artists and projects throughout the Midwest. You can also check out this helpful article, “Arts Journalism 101,” which includes further instructions on how to submit your writing to Susannah.

Is Mn Artists just for Minnesota?

One aspect of our relaunch involves broadening the scope of our offerings with larger regional and even national focus -- this wide-angle approach to engaging area artists and audiences is reflected in our editorial coverage and artist opportunities, in particular.  You do not have to be a Minnesota resident to create a profile or use the site -- indeed, you may find it useful to maintain connections with the Minnesota arts community even if you are located elsewhere!

I need general computer help, or don't have regular access to a computer.  How can I use Mn Artists?

We do offer basic tech support via email ([email protected]) and over the phone.  For more complete technology resources, we often refer artists to the Resource Center at Springboard for the Arts, where you can go to use a range of hardware, software, and to find in-person assistance.


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