By Mn Artists
November 5, 2014

The events calendar is a promotional resource freely available to artists and organizations. Anyone with a Mn Artists account can post an event on the calendar; staff members also regularly select member-generated events to be featured on the homepage.

1.) To post your event, log in to your account and go to the My Stuff tab. Click on Add Event in the left sidebar.

2.) Include a Title and Description.

3.) Upload an Event Image. This is required, so be sure it’s eye-catching! Image files must be less than 2 MB, and can be a png, gif, jpg, or jpeg.

4.) Tell what kind of event you’re posting by making a choice from the pulldown menu in Event Category.

5.) Enter the starting and ending Dates for your event. If you would like to include more detailed dates and times, such as specific gallery hours or performance times, you may include this information in the Description field.

6.) Select one or more relevant Communities to determine where your event will display in the site’s search results.

7.) In the Venue field, try typing in the name of your venue to see if its information is already saved. If you would like to add the address and contact information for a new venue, click the plus (+) sign.

8.) Add an email address to Contact.

9.) Add a URL to an external link for your event where applicable, and the Title text you would like to be linked (e.g. “Tickets” instead of a long URL).

We heartily encourage you to make use of this free, member-driven feature to spread the word about your events to the Mn Artists audience!


MN Artists