By Mn Artists
November 5, 2014

Collecting and Following are bookmarking capabilities that allow you to find and save the content you like on Mn Artists.

How to collect content:

1. When you’re looking at search results, hover over the star next to any article, artwork, event, or opportunity.

2. Click the star to add the selected item to an existing collection, or click Start a New Collection.

If you start a new collection, you may keep it public or check a box to make it private. Collections you allow to remain publicly visible will appear under the work samples on your artist profile.

3. To view your selected items, go to My Stuff and click on Collections on the left sidebar.


Use the collections feature to:

  • Collect artworks you like
  • Curate a virtual show
  • Remember opportunities you want to apply to
  • Save articles to read later
  • Highlight a particular body of work in a public collection on your profile
  • Point to the work of your collaborators in a public collection

How to follow artists:

Follow artists, writers and organizations to receive updates in your customizable Mn Artists feed when they post new work, articles, events, or opportunities.

1. Hover over the star next to the artist’s profile picture and click Follow.

2. To see updates from the artists you follow, go to My Stuff and click on the Feed tab.

3. You can Unfollow someone by hovering over the star again and clicking Unfollow.

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