By Mn Artists
November 5, 2014

1.) Once you are logged in to your new MnArtists account, you can start adding information to your public artist profile. First, click on Account, in the left sidebar.

2.) On your account page, you can add a profile picture by either uploading or dragging a file from your desktop to the field shown below. You can also change your email address and comment settings, or alter your login information from this page.

3.) Next, click on Profile, in the left sidebar. This page contains most of the information for your profile. Only fields marked with an *asterisk are required.

Note: you may fill in fields here that you wish to remain hidden from public view; to hide any given field, simply check the corresponding Private box that appears just below it. We encourage you to fill out as many fields as possible, because it will save you time when you apply to opportunities to Mn Artists.

In the Practice category at the bottom, checking these boxes can help people find you for gigs, collaborations, and other opportunities. For example, if you check the box marked Commissions, you'll indicate that you're available for taking commissions, and visitors to the site can find you and reach out to you directly. You might seek out another artist who's indicated they're available for collaboration. It's a great way to expand your community and your artistic practice.

4.) Click Save at the bottom to finish. View your profile by clicking View in the left sidebar.


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