By Mn Artists
November 5, 2014

1.) Go to My Stuff and click on Resume in the left sidebar.

2.) There you’ll find a detailed form with a series of category sections (e.g. Biography, Education, Work Experience, etc.), each of which drop down when clicked. Fill in all/some of these fields in each category with details about your artistic experience.

Click Add Another Item to add more information to each section.

3.) When you’re finished entering information, to view your pre-formatted resume click View Resume at the top of the page.

You may choose which sections of your resume information are visible on your public profile. In each category section, you may click the Private box to hide from public view the information you have entered there.

Note: The Biography field on the resume is different from the Bio found on your public profile. This resume biography will only be included on your downloaded resume PDF and used in Mn Artists Applications.



MN Artists