By Mn Artists
November 5, 2014

The search function on the Mn Artists is built for easy browsing. On the main homepage, the left sidebar contains two menus that work in tandem: Communities and Content.

There are a few different ways to browse through the site:

Use the search bar:

You can type your search criteria directly into the search bar on the top of the left sidebar: artist names, keywords, types of content, etc. This is your best bet for finding something specific.

Note: If you're looking to go directly to an artist's profile, be sure to select Artists from the Content filter below!

Use the filters:

To start using the filters, in the left sidebar, click on any one of the listed Communities, such as Performing Arts, to see a homepage tailored to information about that community. For example, if you click Performing Arts, when you scroll down into the search results, you'll see all the content on the site - including articles, events, opportunities, artists and artwork - related to Performing Arts.

You may also click the plus (+) sign to expand filter options that drill down into each of the Communities. There you'll find more specific categories and sub-disciplines - for example, you’ll see Dance, Music, Performance, and Theater all listed as specific categories under Performing Arts.

To clear your search, just uncheck the boxes corresponding to your previous filter selections.

The bottom menu in the left sidebar filters by the different types of Content found on the site. For example, select Events to display events from all the communities.

The content menus may also be expanded by clicking on the plus (+) sign, so that you can search within each given content category - filtering events, for example, by date, location, and type.

Combine filters and narrow your search:

You may also combine elements from the two sets of filters. For example, you might want to search for Performing Arts + Events, or Visual Arts + Opportunities.

To sort your results:

Any time you do a search, the results will automatically display with the newest content at the top. If you want to change the order, you can click the Sort button at the top of the page and rearrange your results alphabetically, by date, or by “most collected.”

Save your filters:

If you have particular searches that you do often, you can use the Save Filter feature to make that information easily accessible.  Once the desired filter boxes are checked, hover over the star on top of the search bar and select Save This Filter.

You can then go directly to those filtered search results by clicking on My Stuff, and then Saved Filters.

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