Article and Minnesota Stories ( have collaborated on a video series profiling Minnesota artists in all disciplines.
By Minnesota Stories
November 2, 2006
Minnesota Stories Presents:  mnartist Jonathan Nelson

Minnesota Stories Presents: mnartist Jonathan Nelson

Chuck Olsen of Minnesota Stories

Chuck Olsen of Minnesota Stories


Minnesota Stories Presents: mnartists premieres simultaneously on and on Friday, November 3, and continues every month through April 2007 with illuminating video profiles of artists around the state. The series offers a glimpse of how the artists work with and are supported by various arts organizations related to their work.

Jonathan Nelson, a member of Rosalux Gallery, is an artist, curator, and producer who focuses almost exclusively on collage, with forays into radio, visual art, theater, writing, and installation. His nationally syndicated radio program Some Assembly Required is a weekly arts show featuring the talents of audio artists who appropriate sounds from their media environments.



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