By Mn Artists
October 31, 2017

About Editorial Submissions:

Mn Artists invites a series of rotating guest editors to publish original arts writing for three months at a time. Each guest editor brings their own unique perspective, network of writers, and publishing concept. Writers who are interested in publishing writing for Mn Artists should note that the tone and direction of the publication shifts significantly several times a year, so take a look at the most recent published articles to see how your work might fit in. Each guest editor receives pitches and communication from writers, and the review process varies from editor to editor.

There are guidelines for Mn Artists' editorial that apply to all guest editors. In general, we are interested in publishing writing by new and seasoned arts writers, pieces that amplify communities of practice across the state of Minnesota, and place Minnesota artists and practices within a wider narrative regionally, nationally, and internationally. We consider work involving all artistic disciplines, and especially support inter- and multidisciplinary conversations. Formats include interviews, essays, critical reviews, profiles, scene pieces, creative writing, or work that otherwise innovates with form. We are especially known for publishing first-person writing by artists, pieces that shed light on the artistic process and explore pressing issues in the field. We do not break news, publish event previews, or do basic coverage of arts events; we ask that writers tie events into more global issues to create strong evergreen pieces. Our style is smart but conversational, directed at artists and arts-interested audiences. Writers are contracted per piece, with fees ranging between $100-200, with the specific rate, guidelines, and deadline assigned by the guest editor.

Current Guest Editor:

Matthew Fluharty is a writer, researcher, and visual artist based along the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota. Through his individual projects, work with M12 Studio, and co-direction of The American Bottom Project, Matthew seeks to create a space for multidisciplinary collaboration and intercultural exchange founded upon deep, long-term engagement with the everyday, living culture of a place. Matthew is the founder and Executive Director of Art of the Rural, a collaborative organization that advances rural culture and quality of life through relationships that connect communities, cultivate dialogue, and forward rural-urban exchange.

Matthew’s curatorial vision for this series is focused on writings that consider the wildly diverse and contradictory elements at work in contemporary “local practice,” through essays and periodic notebook dispatches that query the place of artists, creative projects, and support structures for such work within the constantly shifting cultural dynamics of rural communities and urban neighborhoods.

This series welcomes reflections from across Minnesota on the contours of these questions. How do artists and culture-bearers address the marginalization of rural and urban communities? What is the role of folkways and everyday culture knowledge in creative practice? Through durational, intercultural, transgenerational work, how can artists refuse the imposed center-periphery binary–and create work unique to the culture and conditions of their locations?

Writer Submissions:

Arts writers who are interested in writing for Mn Artists can contact Mn Artists Program Manager Emily Gastineau at [email protected]. Please send information on your relevant experience, a bit about why you're interested in writing for Mn Artists and how you see yourself fitting into the publication, thoughts about the kind of writing you'd like to do (topic, format, etc.), as well as 1-3 samples of your previous arts writing. Emily will facilitate contact with the current guest editor if your interests overlap with their publishing concept, or keep your information on file for future guest editors, in case there is a good fit down the road.

Guest Editor Proposals:

Experienced editors (or experienced arts writers with an interest in editing) who would like to submit a proposal for a guest editor series can contact [email protected]

Press Releases:

Artists, arts organizers, arts organizations, and promoters of arts events may continue to send press releases to [email protected]. Please do not send requests for promotional coverage or proposals for especially time-sensitive pieces. We rarely assign pieces in response to contact from the event organizers; it's a better bet for you to reach out directly to the writers who engage with work like yours. We do, however, appreciate you keeping us in the loop about your activities. 

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