The holidays are here, with craft fairs and specially themed theater and dance performances; look for profiles of author David Schwartz, artist and educator Ann Ledy, and a diary from Art Basel Miami by artist Sean Smuda.
December 1, 2008

DESIGN: "ABCs for You and Me" by Jake Nassif (Atomic Vegas Seasnakes font by Chank Diesel)

The holidays are upon us, with craft fairs, art festivals, and the annual extravaganza of themed theater and dance performances. Be sure to check the DIY arts calendar on a regular basis this month so you can take advantage of all the arty holiday cheer in the offing over the coming weeks. And since everyone's minding their pocketbooks a bit more closely these days, look for a blog posting this month with tips for how to land affordable, unique pieces for everyone on your list, all of it produced by local artists.

Also highlighted this month, look for profiles of Superpowers author David Schwartz, typography guru Chank, internationally acclaimed artist and educator Ann Ledy, and a personal diary from the the happenings surrounding Art Basel Miami from artist Sean Smuda. All this, and reviews of this year's Choreographer's Eve, and the Chris Larson exhibition in Rochester, MN.

New for the week of December 29, 2008:

DESIGN: ABCs for You and Me (The letters and labors of Chank Diesel)
Writer and design maven Jake Nassif profiles Minnesota-based font guru Chank Diesel with an engaging look into the strange (and strangely compelling) world of modern typography.

LITERATURE: Magdalena Poised
Writer and Talking Image Connection founder Alison Morse offers a portrait of a young poet, Magdalena Kaluza, seventeen-year-old Palabrista ("word slinger") and up-and-coming spoken word performer. They talk about Kaluza's commitment to social justice, her recent splash in the local lit scene, and about the power of poetry to build bridges.

miniStories: Comments Nos. 27 through 36 on the Associated Press Article Entitled "Vermont attorney general candidate plans to prosecute President Bush for murder if she wins" by James Norton
This week you're in for a very funny short by James Norton, about better living through Web 2.0 innovation, selected to be a miniStories winner by author Dennis Cass.

What Light: This Week's Poem: Thom Swiss
"In the Recording Studio," this week's What Light poem by Thom Swiss, was selected by acclaimed poet William Stobb.

mnSpin: This Week's Playlist: Bill Isles, Sean Egan, and Lookbook
This week's playlist includes winning tracks by Bill Isles (chosen by Melisa Rivière), Sean Egan (chosen by Dana Raidt), and Lookbook (chosen by Andrea Myers).



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