Meet our gracious judges for the summer 2008 quarter of the fashion design series, MNfashion FLASH, co-presented by MNFashion and, and sponsored by West Photo and MN Center for Photography.
By MNfashion FLASH
June 25, 2008

Stephanie Davila, Senior Fashion Editor, [i]In Style[/i] maggazine

Our Esteemed Judges For This Quarter Are:

Kat Dalager~ Manager of Print Production, Campbell Mithun
Kat Dalager’s diverse background as an art student, artist rep, photo studio manager, and art producer give her a 360-degree perspective of the photography world. She has worked for agencies and clients, including Campbell Mithun, Carmichael Lynch, The Martin Agency, Target, and Best Buy. As a consultant and advisor, Dalager has given presentations and workshops all over the country to professional and student photographers and designers. She is on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Advertising Federation, the Minnesota Center for Photography, and MNfashion. Clients have included St. Ives, Nexxus, TREsemme, Vanity Fair Lingerie, Wrangler, Harley-Davidson, Saab, Finlandia Vodka and Seiko. Dalager believes that sharing her experiences with others will help keep our industry strong

Stephanie Davila~ Senior Fashion Editor, In Style Magazine
Stephanie believes that fashion is not about a price tag or a brand name; it's about a state of mind. After working for Tiger Oak Publications as the fashion editor of METRO Magazine and editor of Minnesota Bride, she recently made an eastward jump to New York City. As a senior fashion editor for In Style,she is putting her bridal and fashion expertise to use for a few titles, including In Style Weddings.

Samantha Bremer~ Fashion Photographer, Los Angeles, CA
Samantha fell in love with photography while taking a required course in the graphic design program at the University of Minnesota. As she continued in the design program she began pursuing her dream of photography, dabbling also in clothing design, hair styling and makeup. After graduating, she began to feel a desire to learn more about the technical side of her passion, as she already felt very comfortable with her creative ability. After much research, she decided on Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. After attending for 2 years she moved to Los Angeles to pursue fashion photography. She interned for one of her icons, David LaChapelle, and became a staff photographer for Soak magazine, while also shooting for various other fashion magazines. Currently, she resides in LA and continues to develop her creative endeavors in design and photography.



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