mnSpin, a quarterly music contest for Minnesota musicians. This week listen to a playlist of the three winning tracks by Quarter Acre Lifestyle, chosen by Matt Perkins, Michelle Lynn chosen by Sarah Askari, and Josiah wordsworth chosen by M.anifest.
By mnSpin
June 2, 2008

This week listen to a playlist of three winning tracks by Quarter Acre Lifestyle, chosen by Matt Perkins, Michelle Lynn chosen by Sarah Askari, and Josiah wordsworth chosen by M.anifest.

Quarter Acre Lifestyle | Cold Heart

QuarterAcreLifestyle was founded in New Zealand by two brothers, drummer Aaron and bassist Cameron Pollock. In 2000, Aaron moved to the US and the band consequently became a global effort. Since recording a self-titled album in Minneapolis, Minnesota in early 2006, their music has evolved into a sound they can call their own in a brand-new second album, Blood on the Lawn.

Michelle Lynn | Take a Guess

Michelle has an honest folk-like style of writing injected with a quirky twist and a soulful voice. Everywhere she goes, her senses are open to be influenced by what she judges as useful. With an avid fascination regarding the English language, Michelle reads whatever she can get her hands on. She also enjoys playing and listening to a variety of musical styles such as bluegrass, gospel, rock, reggae, jazz and blues.

In October of 2005, at 19 years old, she self-produced her first CD, "Jump Roping in Chains." It consists of 13 personally written songs ranging in subject matter and musical style. These tight compositions point to an emerging singer-songwriter with unmistakable talent that goes beyond anything technically measurable.

Josiah wordsworth | Witchhunt

Since 2005, Josiah Wordsworth has been dazzling listeners with a refreshingly new sound that is taking audiences by storm. The sound lies somewhere in the realms of jazz, classical and rock; however, cannot claim itself to be anyone in particular. Josiah Wordsworth live is a jaw-dropping experience that routinely leaves listeners in shock and awe, leaving the audience a performance to never be forgotten. The 2007 debut EP "Blue State" made a stunning splash on the radio, receiving airplay on 180 CMJ affiliated radio stations, chart ing in the Top 10 in many markets for multiple weeks. In addition to the radio success of "Blue State", the album EP has been recently licensed to various TV networks, such as MTV, Oxygen, and Lifetime. April 2008 will mark the landing of the debut full-length LP, aptly titled "Wordsworth!", which is a monsoon of fresh air for all music lovers.

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Winning tracks from each contest are selected by panelists from within the music industry. Each week a three-song playlist from the winning submissions will be featured on the and Summit Brewery web sites. Quarterly listening parties at area venues will take place and a compilation CD of music from the yearlong contest will be produced.

Submission Specifications and Entry Process Any and all types of music accepted; only three tracks per musician will be reviewed for possible inclusion on the CD. Tracks can be uploaded to artist pages on, and a URL of the page can then be e-mailed to [email protected]. Submissions must come from members. To sign up for membership, visit For assistance with registration or with uploading music tracks, please e-mail [email protected] or call 612.375.7611.

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