The Poem of the Week on was chosen from over 150 submissions from members. This week's poem is by Rachel Moritz.
By Rachel Moritz
May 16, 2005
Rachel Moritz
Rachel Moritz

Rachel Moritz

Middle of the Pole You Carry

Instinct says I am shouldering your groan

but this sentence wants to connect us. It’s an emptied form

that may contain a body, the steer’s charred leather

or my own box of will barbed like wire around a fence.

Everyone is asking so I’ll answer for us—

if aqua could replace the red inside meat, if the color of love

was a buckling hematite, a limestone border, warped fence

around a field with me watching. If,

what after? I’m speaking of the yellow stripe running

down the highway, one forward twin

and the twin who thumbs back. All night I’ve made you

into barbs shaped like grass. Only to resonate

some of you, enough. And look how the steer tunes

to give off acceptance. What kind of sentence

seals the envelope before it’s sent?

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