Producer Marya Morstad continues the “Radio mnartists” series of podcasts and KFAI radio interviews with Minnesota artists. Listen to her interview with Sculptor Also Moroni about his epic work, “ Babylon.”
December 6, 2007

Sculptor Aldo Moroni

Sculptor Aldo Moroni, a 1976 graduate of The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, is known for his signature small-scale architectural ceramic buildings, which are featured in permanent collections in local museums and public and private institutions. He has even created a Christmas tree ornament for the White House.

He is nearing completion of his five-year epic project called “ Babylon” wherein he has painstakingly constructed and then ritualistically destroyed and again rebuilt layers of civilizations over a 160 square foot platform located in his California Building studio in Northeast Minneapolis. “The Babylon Project” which Moroni considers his magnum opus, spans history dating back to the Garden of Eden up to fall of the Twin Towers in New York. His thesis about the Iraq War, is not only about American interests in oil, but as cultural imperialists intent on destroying the ancient roots of the cradle of civilization in Mesopotamia.

Related Events

“ BABYLON COLLAPSE” On December 15 at 7:00pm, Aldo Moroni will destroy Babylon! This will be the final collapse! Performance features belly dancers, drummers, fire dancers, gypsies and bohemians of all types. At 9:00pm, he will perform the ritual destruction of his massive, ceramic work, “ Babylon.”

 Moroni says:

 I have been creating and destroying this large tableau model of Babylon since 2004

The work involves performance; dressed in full Babylonian costume I destroy the chronological models of Mesopotamia I have built. Then in the next cycle of work I rebuild the new civilization on the phys ical ruins of its predecessor. This will be the final destruction and birth of Babylon. The performance is a cathartic cleansing of history based in the notion of “Akitu”. Akitu is a ceremony of seasonal renewal, which was practiced in ancient Sumer. It is also a metaphor of confession in my personal life and struggle. These performances are staged in operatic fashion and include collaborating actors working from a script.

 After the “Akitu”, “FINAL BABYLON” will be unveiled: a 1 ton, 8-foot tall, glazed ceramic Tower of Babel surrounded by more than one hundred model ceramic skyscrapers.

All “ Babylon” events take place at The California Building Gallery.

2205 California St. NE. Main Floor

Minneapolis 55418




December 15, 6:00pm -- $30.00 admission, reservations suggested

The ritualistic demise of Babylon, complete with explosive action, fire and blood



December 15 - March 1, 2008 -- $5.00 admission

PANEL DISCUSSION with scholars, critics and curators in related fields of study


January 12, 3:00pm -- $10.00 admission



Slide lecture on the career and work of Aldo Moroni

February 17, 3:00pm -- $10.00 admission



Screening of Tom Adair Video, “Aldo Moroni’s Babylon”

March 1, 7:00pm -- $10.00 admission



March 1, 7:00pm -- $30.00 admission, reservations suggested



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