This week, listen to a playlist of the three winning tracks by Sean Egan, Jagged Spiral & Military Special.
October 6, 2008

This week listen to a playlist of three winning tracks by Sean Egan, chosen by Melisa Rivière, Jagged Spiral chosen by Dana Raidt, and Military Special chosen by Andrea Myers.

Sean Egan | Internal Combustion Engine

A composer and multi-instrumentalist, Egan is a fifteen year veteran of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul music scene. He works in a variety of genres, including Irish traditional music, folk, rock, blues, classical music, and free improvisation; and performs on clarinet, saxophone, tin whistle, piano, and percussion.

Jagged Spiral | Not Enough Bullets

Jagged Spiral is...difficult to define. Three people in the Upper Midwest of North America, creating music together that defies traditional descriptions. Angry. Progressive. Conceptual. Epic. Brazen. Dark. Metallic. Since no other genres suffice, they have decided to declare a new genre of music: 'Northern Rock'. Rough as a serrated edge. Cold and slick as black ice. The harsh brutality of Gothic Hard Rock merged with ambience, depth, and groove, then left out in the rain to corrode into something completely unique. Like I said, Jagged Spiral is difficult to define. Far easier to listen for yourself, and come up with your own description.

Military Special | Warrant Error

Military Special was forged in the fires of the Summer of 2007. They played their first show at a keg party in a Minneapolis basement shortly thereafter.

Founding members Peter Blomgren, Joe Schweigert, and Jake Hartnett—of Afternoon Records alums Look Down—hooked up with James Shaff (of Viceburgh), and Jake’s brother Joe Hartnett to form the original lineup of Military Special. Those five recorded a quick demo before the departure of the Hartnett Brothers in September of 2007.

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