This month's episode features a contribution by Sam Landman, a story that falls somewhere between Philip K. Dick, David Ives and Joe Frank.
May 16, 2013

Photo by Justin D. Gallo Photography; from photo shoot for "Thom Pain," courtesy of Loudmouth Productions.

ABOUT THE PODCAST: You Are Hear is a literary podcast production of Each monthly edition will feature new, original work by a Minnesota writer or two. The show is available on our site, of course, but also's Audioboo page (for ease of sharing and downloading). Stories, poems, humor pieces, spoken word performances and whatever else talented folks can do with nouns and verbs - all presented in downloadable audio form for you to enjoy when and where you choose. It's like a dozen free little books to put in your ears.

ABOUT THE HOST: Brian Beatty has published his jokes, poems and short stories in a variety of print and online publications. He's performed comedy all over the Twin Cities. Brian's humor chapbook DUCK! was published in 2009.  



Sam L. Landman is part-actor/part-writer. (Practically a double threat.) On the acting side, he'll be in Girl Friday's Camino Real in July, in Mike Fotis' Minnesota Fringe show in August and helping to create Sandbox's next production from the ground up this fall. As a writer, he writes copy for websites during the day, and is currently finishing up two projects at night and over lunch. He's almost done writing a 12-issue comic book called Orphans. He may never finish his first novel, I Hope I Get Laid Before I Have To Save The Universe.


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