In January 2012, launched a monthly literary podcast, hosted by writer and comedian Brian Beatty. Read on for submission guidelines and deadlines, a year's worth of show themes, and more information.
November 2, 2011

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ABOUT THE PODCAST: You Are Hear is a literary podcast production of Each monthly edition will feature new, original work by a Minnesota writer or two. The show is available on our site, of course, but also's Audioboo page (for ease of sharing and downloading). Stories, poems, humor pieces, spoken word performances and whatever else talented folks can do with nouns and verbs - all presented in downloadable audio form for you to enjoy when and where you choose. It's like a dozen free little books to put in your ears.

ABOUT THE HOST: Brian Beatty has published his jokes, poems and short stories in a variety of print and online publications. He's performed comedy all over the Twin Cities. Brian's humor chapbook DUCK! was published in 2009.  




January -- Life Goes On

(Submissions due Dec. 9)


February -- The Heart of the Matter

(Submissions due Jan. 6)


March -- Luck: Good, Bad & Otherwise

(Submissions due Feb. 10)


April -- Fools & Poets

(Submissions due Mar. 9)


May -- Who You Calling a Mother?

(Submissions due Apr. 13)


June -- Move Over, Rover

(Submissions due May 11)


July -- When the Smoke Clears

(Submissions due June 8)


August -- Love, War, All Is Fair, Etc.

(Submissions due July 13)


September -- All Work, No Play

(Submissions due Aug. 10)


October -- Tricks & Treats

(Submissions due Sept. 7)


November -- Thanks, But No Thanks

(Submissions due Oct. 12)


December -- Gifted

(Submissions due Nov. 9)



WHAT WE WANT TO READ AND HEAR: Stories. Poems. Humor pieces. Spoken word performances. Audio plays. Whatever you've made using words that will make for a literary listening experience we've not heard before. That's all we're interested in.

NO REPRINTS OR PLAGIARISM: Submitted works should be new and original, too. Don't get us in trouble with publishers or their lawyers. 

HOW LONG SHOULD SUBMISSIONS BE?: 5 to 10 minutes in recorded form. Anything much longer than 1,200 words is probably too long for our podcast. Groups of shorter pieces are welcome.

ABOUT THOSE MONTHLY THEMES: You're welcome to interpret the themes listed on our editorial calendar as loosely as you wish. They are not intended to be strict writing prompts.

HOW SHOULD YOU SUBMIT?: We accept written and mp3 audio submissions by email at ([email protected]). Please paste your written submission into the body of your email. Only mp3 audio attachments will be downloaded, so please don't send along other digital file types. Whether submitting in writing or audio, please include a 2-3 sentence written biography to accompany the piece.

YOUR SUBJECT LINE: The subject line of your email should include YAH and the GENRE of your submission, as well as the MONTH you're hoping it might work for the podcast. [For example: YAH: HUMOR FEBRUARY]

VERY SERIOUS DEADLINES: Deadlines are listed on our 2012 editorial calendar. They are not open to interpretation. Submissions received after a deadline will not be eligible for that month, but may be considered for future editions.  We're not monsters.

RESPONSE TIME: We'll do our best to contact you within two weeks of receiving your submission email. Please wait three weeks before following up with us about the status of your submission.

PAYMENT: Featured contributors will receive a modest honorarium from - plus immediate celebrity. Payment will be arranged upon acceptance of your work.

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