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Sheila Regan is a performer, playwright and journalist living in the Twin Cities. She has acted with local companies such as Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Nightpath Theater, and Lamb Lays with Lion. In 2010 she performed her solo work, The Keys Experiment at The Red Eye as part of their Works in Progress Series and at the Artery Festival at the Soap Factory.

When not performing, she is also a freelance writer and teaching artist.

She has a B.A. in Theatre from Macalester College and an M.F.A. in acting from Indiana University.

Exhibitions/Performance History

Original Creations

The End of Desire (Part of Ritz Monday Live Arts), 2014

Goodlife Pharmacomm (Part of Outlet Performance Festival) 2013

The Keys Experiment (Developed and Premiered with Red Eye Works In Progress, Performed at Soap Factory's Artery 2010)

My Other Head (Bedlam 10 Minute Play Festival) 2009


'Die Rohaarige' by Talissa Mehringer

'Theater... and the Instict' by Talissa Mehringer

'Pica' by Antonio Rodriguez

'It does not Die' by Santanu Chatterjea

Nightpath Theatre, Minneapolis:

Our Town (2013)

Old Times (2012)

The Three Sisters (2012)

Macbeth... Rehearsing (2011)

Measure for Measure (2007)

Savage Umbrella

Emma Woodhouse is not a Bitch (2013)

Ex-Gays (2011)

Lamb Lays with Lion, Minneapolis

Feminine Venom (2011)

Lamb Lays with Lion Vs. Katie Mitchel's The Seagull 2010

Clapperclaw 2009

Bedlam Theatre

Stories as Told in a Bed (Ensemble) 2009

Mixed Precipitation

Frequencies of Paranormal Genius 2011

One for the Road (Gila) 2009

Theatre Unbound, Minneapolis

How I Learned to Drive (Female Chorus) 2008

Disquietude Theater Company, Minneapolis

The Chasm: Two Prevailing Winds of Gabriela Mistral (director) 2008

Theater in the Round, Minneapolis

Harvey (Ruth Kelly) 2008

Live Action Set, Minneapolis

The Piano Tuner (ensemble) 2008

Theatre de la Jeune Lune Minneapolis

The Deception (Ensemble) 2007


I am a contributer to TC Daily Planet:

and City Pages' Dressing Room Blog

I also write for The Uptake, mnartists, Classical MPR, VitaMN and other publications.

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United States

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May 5, 1978


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twin cities

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