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contact name: Bridget Blatzheim


I am an artist and an educator.

Art brings me happiness. Through manipulation and invention, art bestows a voice to ordinary and otherwise silent objects. Creation is beautiful in its simplicity and is destined to be shared. In the course of sharing comes community and interaction, resulting in the possibility of spreading happiness and inspiration to others.

School Website: check out what is happening in our art room!

Art Specialist,Shakopee, MN

September 2010 - Present

I teach at both the Shakopee Middle School as well as Sweeney Elementary school in Shakopee, MN. Students learn to create art through a variety of mediums.

Clay Camp Instructor, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN

Summer 2012
Assisted campers in learning how to wheel throw and hand build.
Demonstrated techniques on the wheel and in hand building.
Promoted project completion from wet work to finished glaze ware.

Gallery Assistant, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University
August 2009 - May 2010
Contributed to the desing and installation of all exhibits in the Arts Series.
Provided professional public relations with gallery visitors.
Provided Securtiy for Art Center gallery hours.

Glaze & Kiln Assistant, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

August 2007 - May 2010
Assisted in preparing, loading, firing, unloading and maintaining the kilns.
Mixed and created glazes for use in the studio.


3730 Chicago Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN



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