Andrew Wykes

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Contact Information

contact name: Andrew Wykes
phone: 6122322755

location address:
Groveland Gallery
Minnealoplis MN 55057

open to public: yes

mailing address:
708 4th St E
Northfield MN 55057



University, Washington D.C

School of Art and Design, University of Surrey, London, England

Diploma in Art1979Foundation Art and
Design Richmond upon

and Design Thames
College, London, Englan



2013 Minnesota state arts bord artist initiative award

2011 Hanna Award

2011 The Agnes Hulburd Conger Prize

2009Fellow of the Balinglen Arts Foundation, Ireland

2009Minnesota State Board Artist Initiative Award

2008Hamline University Hanna Award

2007Hamline University Deans Grant

2006Hamline University Deans Grant

2004Hamline University Deans Grant

1999Gonpeer Travel Scholarship

1999Sally P. Oswald Memorial Fund for Visiting Artists

1996Helene M. Herbrun, M.F.A Scholarship

1994Peter Sornners Painting Award

Exhibitions/Performance History

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011 Land Passages, Groveland Gallery.

2009New Landscapes, Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2008Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2004The Bridge Square Gallery, Northfield, MN

2003The Arts Guild, Northfield, MN

1999Owatonna Arts Center, Owatonna, MN

1998Bridge Square Gallery, Northfield, MN

1998The Sommers Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

1997The American University, Washington, D.C

1994Spelthome Arts Center, London, UK

1993Bridport Arts Center, Dorset, UK

1991The Chertsey Museum, UK

1990The Square Gallery, London, UK

1990TASIS England, Thorpe, Surrey, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

*2011 Bowery Gallery, NY

*2011 Prince St, Gallery, NY

2009Minnesota State Arts Boardexhibition of works by Artist Initiative grantees. St Paul, MN

2009The Courthouse Gallery, Ballinglen, Ballycastle, Mayo, IR."Images from North Mayo"

2009Lake Pepin Art Center

2008Mid West Paint Group

*2008Bowery Gallery 2008 National Competition, New York, NY. Juried by Jed Perl

2008Space and Place, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Invitational: Tammy Mercure and Leighton Pierce

2007Groveland Gallery Winter Show, Minneapolis, MN

2007Urban, Rural and Distant Spaces, Hamline University, St. Paul, MN. Curated by Andrew Wykes featuring Marjorie Portnow and Stanley Lewis and Andrew Wykes

*2007Minneapolis Foundation Faculty Show, Minneapolis, MN

2006Groveland Gallery Winter Show, Minneapolis, MN

*2006Drawing Show, Smithson Albright, London, UK

2005Gonzales Gallery, Les Tapies, France

2005Minneapolis Foundation Faculty Show, Minneapolis, MN

2004Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN

2003Tom Childs Gallery, Norfolk, UK

*2003Mall Galleries, London, UK

2002Hamline University, St. Paul, MN

2001Bridge Square Gallery, Northfield, MNInvitational

2000Peter Jones Gallery, London, UK

1999The Steensland Gallery, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

1997The Bridge Square Gallery, Northfield, MN

1997The Rock Creek Gallery, Washington D.C.

1997The Watkins Gallery, Washington D.C.

1997The Mary Graydon Gallery, Washinton D.C.

1996The American University, Washington D.C.

1995The Royal Watercolour Society Show, Bankside Gallery, London, UK

1995The Windsor Museum, Windsor, UK

1994Six Artists, Chertsey, Surrey, UK

1993The Royal Watercolour Society Show, Bankside Gallery, London, UK

Black Nest1992The Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NJ

Drawings fromThe Cate School, Santa Barbara, CA

England with ArtistSt. George’s School, Newport, RI

John SmalleyCentral College, Pella, IA

1991TASIS England, Thorpe, Surrey, UK

1991The Royal Watercolour Society Show, Bankside Gallery, London, UK

1990Laing Collection, Mall Gallery, London, UK

1987TASIS England, Thorpe, Surrey, UK

1984Bridport Arts Center, Dorset, UK

1984Epsom School of Art and Design, Epsom, UK

* Indicates Juried Exhibition



Ballinglen Art Foundation, Mayo, Ireland, Archives

St Paul College, St Paul, MN, USA, Collection

Chertsey Museum, Surrey, UK

Northfield Hospital, Northfield, MN

St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Les Tapies Arts and Architecture, France

Abbot North Western Hospital, Minneapolis

The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Mn

Dartmouth College, Dartmouth, NH, USA


Current Gallery Representation

Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN


book. Title. Andrew Wykes. Text by Stanley Lewis and Tim Tozer, Published 2010 JC Press.

100 Midwest Artists 2011 shafer publishing

Biographical Information

Country of Citizenship:
United Kingdom

Birth Place:


Active Place:
Northfield, St Paul

Minnesota County:

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