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contact name: Louie Raymer
email: roger@dataheaven.org

location address:
200 2nd St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55417

open to public: yes
hours: Please call for appointment


Louis Raymer, wife Fran, 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 3 great grand children.

Born July 19,1929 St. Paul, Minnesota.
Studied with Fletcher Martin, Robert Wood, Dong Kingman.

Grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. Began commercial art career in 1949. Moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1957. Last real job was at Honeywell Art Department in 1957.

Began free-lancing in 1958.

Most years spent in commercial illustrating. Have done national and local ads for many clients including, General Mills, Federal Cartridge, Honeywell, Con Agra, 3M, Paramount Pictures, etc.

My work has appeared in many national commercial art exhibits including:

New York Art Directors Club - Silver Award
Oliver Awards - Merit Award
Commercial Art Magazine - Award of Excellence
New York Society of Illustrators - 1987 and 1988

I have done work for almost all Minneapolis ad agencies.

Sandwiched painting in and around commercial career.

My paintings have been exhibited at:

New York: Society of Animal Artists
Duluth: Tweed Gallery
Minneapolis: Bell Museum - 3 times
Minneapolis: National Western and Wildlife Exhibit - 3 times (Best of Show, Watercolor, 1982)
Federal Migratory Competition Travel Show - 1984
Minnesota State Fair: Honorable Mention 2003
North Star Watercolor Society: 3 times

All shows were juried.

Have placed in the Top Ten in both Wisconsin and Minnesota migratory competitions; 4 times - 2nd twice.

Have placed in the Top Ten in both Wisconsin and Minnesota trout stamp competitions; 5 times - 2nd once, 3rd once. 1st place Minnesota 2002.

Minnesota State Parks permit 2002 featuring Charles A. Lindbergh, first competition, first winner.

1967 - We moved to Wisconsin home on Yellow Lake. Much of my research and photo library was done here. Began more easel painting. Spent hours in blinds and tree stands studying birds and animals.

In 1968 began printing calendars. Ended in 1993 after 25 years.
1990 Moved back to Minneapolis condo. Allows us more freedom to travel a variety of areas. Spend a lot more time camping, hiking, canoeing North Shore of Minnesota and Boundary Waters area. Always carrying camera.

Showings in private galleries; Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, Detroit.
No galleries at present.

Prints: 3 limited edition prints; Shedd-Brown publisher. Mallards, Canada Geese, Grizzlies.
2 limited edition prints; Owner published. Bobcat, Pheasants
2 open edition prints; Echelon publisher. Grouse, Woodduck
3 open edition prints; Evenson publisher. Grouse, Rough-legged Hawk, Deer.

In recent years have done 2 prints for fundraisers:

Sharp tailed Grouse: Crex Meadows
Deer: Whitetails Unlimited

Mediums: Presently using Casein with acrylic white. Continue to use a variety; oil, vinyl and transparent watercolor, as the situation demands. Enjoy experimenting.

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United States


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July 19, 1929


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