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contact name: Planet Productions
email: timkaiserduluth@gmail.com

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Yoko Ono, John Cage, Morton Subotnik, Harry Partch...


I was kicked out of college for being "too poor," but had the good fortune of being able to work with my profs anyway. Different concepts lend themselves to different methods of creation. I have done performance art, video and sound (a.k.a. music) projects on theatrical stages, in art galleries and museums, and in coffee houses for over 30 years. I build my own equipment and supplement my income selling experimental musical instruments and effects tp musicians and composers around the world.


Have received various grants and awards from the following:
National Endowment for the Arts
Jerome Foundation
Minnesota State Arts Board
Arrowhead Regional Arts Council
McKnight Foundation
Duluth Art Institute
Tweed Museum of Art
American Composer's Forum.

Exhibitions/Performance History

Video and performances in:
Hong Kong
New York

St. Paul


Musee Int'l d'Art- Montreal, Quebec
Tweed Museum of Art- Duluth, MN

Numerous Private Collections, including:

Nick Rhodes-UK, BT-Hollywood, CA, Pogo Studios-Champaign,IL


Palazzo Sclafani, Accademia di Belli Arti-
Palermo, Italy
Vaxjo i Konsthall- Vaxjo, Sweden
Theatre of the Red Chameleon- Berlin, Germany
Franklyn Furnace- NYC, NY
Randolph Street Gallery- Chicago, IL
Sao Paulo Bienale- Sao Paulo, Brazil
UNEAC (Union of Artists and Writers)- Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Transistor Gallery- Chicago, IL

Intermedia Arts- Minneapolis, MN

Duluth Art Institute- Duluth, MN
Tweed Museum of Art- Duluth, MN
Arrowhead Center for the Arts- Grand Marais, MN


Make Magazine- US
Smalland Posten- Vaxjo, Sweden
New Art Examiner- Chicago, IL
Art Paper- Minneapolis, MN
Vinyl- St. Paul, MN
Zenith City Arts- Duluth, MN
Northland Reader- Duluth, MN
News-Tribune- Duluth, MN

Associated Press
mnartists.org featured artist (2002)

Broadcast Works:

MakeTV- American Public Television/PBS

The Playlist- WDSE Duluth, MN

KBJR- Duluth, MN

On the Road with Jason Davis- WCCO

Biographical Information

Country of Citizenship:
United States

Birth Place:
Duluth, MN

Birth Date:
September 3, 1960


Active Place:
NE Minnesota

Minnesota County:
Saint Louis

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