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contact name: Rob McBroom

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OX-OP Gallery


Director- OX-OP Gallery
Minneapolis, MN

Guest lecturer-The Carlsten Gallery - Noel Fine Arts Center at University of Wisconsin: Stevens Point in conjunction with the Tarnished Reality: An Exhibition of Pop-Surrealist Work exhibition. September 14th, 2009
OX-OP organized show for the Foster Gallery-University of Wisconsin: Eau Claire-Guest curator for "Rome is Burning/The New School"
November-December 2007
Rogue Buddha-Guest curator "Koopaparatroopas"
March 2003
North Community High School, Minneapolis,MN
Arts & Communications magnet (visual art)


Jerome Foundation-Art in Space XIII (1999)
Rhode Island School of Design-Annual art award(1992)

Exhibitions/Performance History

Aug.-Sept. 2009

    Aug. 2009-McKinight Foundation headquarters
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Paired" dinner event

    Jan. 2009-Soo Visual Art Center
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Get Lucky-Lucky Seven and the Seven Deadly Sins"

    Oct. 2008- Bloomington Art Center
    Bloomington, MN
    "2008 Federal Duck Stamp Competition"
    June-Aug. 2008-Soo Visual Art Center
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Draw Too"
    Jan. 2008-Soo Visual Art Center
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Get Lucky-Off to the Races"
    Nov.-Dec. 2007- Foster Gallery-University of Wisconsin: Eau Claire
    Eau Claire, WI
    "Rome is Burning/The New School"
    Nov. 2007-The Estate
    Boston, MA
    "Hit the Deck II"
    Oct. 2007-Rebel NYC
    New York, NY
    "Hit the Deck II"
    Sept.-Oct. 2007-J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge/BIG ARTS
    Sanibel, Fl
    "2007 Federal Duck Stamp Competition"
    Aug. 2007-Outland
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    "Baby Qee Expo"
    Apr. 2007- "LemuRU-486 (King Kamehameha Club Remix)" released by Toy2R of Hong Kong as part of OX-OP Series 3 Qees

    Apr. 2007-Altered Esthetics
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Art Reincarnated"

    Mar.-Apr. 2007-Subliminal Projects
    Los Angeles, CA
    "Hit the Deck"

    Feb. 2007-Synthesis Magazine/United Trade Show @ Alexis Park Resort Hotel
    Las Vegas, NV
    "Hit the Deck"
    Jan.-2007-Soo Visual Art Center
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Get Lucky"
    Nov.-Dec. 2006-Altered Esthetics
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Level_13:bonus round"
    Oct. 2006-Mercado
    Barcelona, Spain
    "Duck Fever"
    Sept.-Oct. 2006-First Amendment
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Grand Opening Show"

    Sept. 2006-Memphis College of Art
    Memphis, TN
    "2006 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest "

    July-Sept. 2006-Wootini
    Carrboro, NC
    "Lions, Tigers, Bears, Etc.:Frightened Friends & Fearsome Foes"
    June 2006-Kingman Studios
    Minneapolis, MN
    "40s"-relaunch party for
    May-July 2006- Asbury Lanes
    Asbury Park, NJ
    May 2006-Density Studios
    Minneapolis, MN
    Apr. 2006-Outsiders & Others
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Art Binge 2" fundraiser for the Outsider Art Center
    Mar.-Apr. 2006-Ox-Op/Soo Visual Art Center
    Minneapolis, MN
    "2006 Juxtapoz Magazine Annual Group Show"
    Feb. 2006-Tangent Gallery
    Detroit, MI
    "Dirty 7"
    Nov.-Dec. 2005- ArTrujillo
    Minneapolis, MN
    "per-ver-sion two"
    Sept.-Nov. 2005-La La Land Gallery
    Los Angeles, CA
    "Hot Lunch"
    Sept. 2005-U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
    Memphis College of Arts
    Memphis, TN
    " 2005 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest "
    Apr. 2005-Outsiders & Others
    Minneapolis, MN
    "Art Binge" fundraiser for the Outsider Art Center
    Feb. 2005-Tangent Gallery
    Detroit, MI
    "Dirty Show 6"
    Dec. 2004-Outsiders & Others
    "Naughty or Nice?"
    Oct. 2004-Laforet Center
    Aug. 2004-Subliminal Projects
    Los Angeles,CA
    July 2004-Ox-Op
    Nov.-Dec. 2003-ArTrujillo
    Nov. 2003-South Carolina Department
    of Natural Resources
    "South Carolina Duck Stamp Competition"
    Oct. 2003-ArTrujillo
    Aug. 2003-Minnesota Fringe Festival-Visual Fringe
    venues:Illusion Theater,Minneapolis,MN
    Calhoun Square,Minneapolis,MN
    A-Z Gallery,St.Paul,MN
    July 2003-Andersen Center for the Arts
    Red Wing, MN
    "A Celebration of the Arts" (summer)
    Apr. 2003-Intermedia Arts
    "Sold on Art 2"
    Mar. 2003-Rogue Buddha
    Nov. 2002-U.S. Department of the Interior
    "Federal Duck Stamp Competition"
    Sept. 2002-D.A.G.G.(Dick & Al's Ghetto Gallery)
    "Young Guns"
    Apr. 2002-Intermedia Arts
    "Sold on Art"
    Dec. 2001-A-Z Gallery
    Nov. 2001-U.S. Department of the Interior
    "Federal Duck Stamp Competition"
    Nov. 2001-South Carolina Department
    of Natural Resources
    "South Carolina Duck Stamp Competition"
    Oct. 2001-Gus Lucky's Gallery
    "The End"
    Aug. 2001-A-Z Gallery
    "Vacation of the Mind:Postal Excursions"
    June 2001-Gus Lucky's Gallery
    "Zoo"(solo show)
    May-June 2001-Gallery 360
    "Five Foot Show"
    Nov. 2000-U.S. Department of the Interior
    "Federal Duck Stamp Competition"
    Jan.-Apr. 2000 Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    "A Foot in the Door"
    Oct.-Nov. 1999-Intermedia Arts
    "Art in Space XIII"
    Aug. 1999-The Art Underground
    "Mail Art"
    June 1999-A-Z Gallery
    "A Public Hanging"
    Mar.-Apr. 1998-The Art Underground
    "Three Shrunken Heads:Rob McBroom,
    Tom Cassidy,Hamel Griffin-Cassidy"


    Tom Hazelmyer
    Minneapolis, MN
    Grant Hart
    Minneapolis, MN
    Museum of Bad Art
    Dedham, MA
    Various private collections


    Subliminal Projects
    La La Land Gallery
    D.A.G.G.(Dick & Al's Ghetto Gallery)
    Gus Lucky's Gallery
    Soo Visual Art Center
    First Amendment
    Rebel NYC
    Outsiders & Others
    Altered Esthetics
    MoBA (Museum of Bad Art)
    Rogue Buddha
    Intermedia Arts
    Asbury Lanes
    Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    Laforet Center
    Gallery 360
    A-Z Gallery
    U.S. Department of the Interior
    The Art Underground
    3001 Gallery
    Gallery 416
    South Carolina DNR-Renquist Bldg.


    Southwest Journal
    "Defining Drawing" review of "Draw Too" show by Dylan Thomas
    July 14-27 issue page B8
    Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune
    "Pencil Pushers" review of "Draw Too" show by Mary Abbe
    Published July 18th, 2008 page E10
    The Spectator
    "Rome is Burning"-review of exhibition with same title at the Foster Gallery-University of Wisconsin:Eau Claire by Nicole Strittmater
    Published November 15th, 2007

    Rake Magazine-"10,000 Arts" supplement
    Lowbrow Highball: Juxtapoz Juxtaposed by Jeffrey Kalstrom
    May-July 2007 issue (article originally published on, April 2, 2006
    Pencil Fight #3-"When Plants Attack" issue
    Released 9/29/2006
    Walker Art Center calendar-January/February/March 2005 issue,page 8
    Featured artist for
    Skyway News-Downtown Art, review of "Naughty or Nice?" show at Outsiders & Others by Anna Pratt. Published December 14, 2004
    Qeedrophonic book by Tom Hazelmyer. Published by Ox-Op press 2004
    Pulse of the Twin Cities, review of "Main$team" show at ArTrujillo by Will Conley. Published Nov. 26, 2003
    La Prensa de Minnesota, review of "Perversion" at ArTrujillo by Lorena Duarte. Published Oct.4, 2003
    Where Magazine (Twin Cities edition) Article on Fringe Festival (image featuring "The Death of George Washington") Published August 2003
    City Pages "Animal Husbandry" by Michael Fallon. Published on June 20, 2001
    Pulse of the Twin Cities Arts & Entertainment feature on "Zoo" at Gus Lucky's Gallery by J.P. Johnson. Published May 30, 2001

    Biographical Information

    Country of Citizenship:
    United States

    Birth Date:
    December 28, 1973


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