Ross Peterson

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Jean Wolf Cabinet
A small cabinet 48 h x 34 w x 16 d designed to occupy an alcove at the top of the stairs near the home's second floor main entrance. The Asian influences are reflections on other pieces on display in the...

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Play at Joe's  
Play at Joe's
This music stand was presented as an Official Protocol Gift on behalf of President George W. Bush to Emperor Akihito of Japan. It is functionally equivalent to the ubiquitous back metal stands, but...
Sleep at Joe's  
Sleep at Joe's
I will let the work speak for itself.
M.F. Chairs
M.F. Chairs
These chairs were part of a commission to design and build ten side chairs and a massive dining table from two slabs of Oregon myrtle and walnut. The backs are 5 ply tapered bent laminations pressed around a...

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Functional Sculpture: Furniture from the Upper Midwest

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