Jaime Carrera

Marriage is a myth and not everybody wants it.When you stop believing the lie that there is that one person out there with whom you'll spend the rest of your life, you truly learn to depend on yourself...

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Hustlea new film by Jaime Carrera & Tyler JensenStarring:Jennifer Arave, Maggie Bergeron, Charles Campbell, Angharad Davies, Brian Evans, Sarah Gordon, Alex Grant, Taryn Griggs, Jennifer Johanneson, Emily...
MPLS Trilogy (Dischord/Parade/Passing)  
MPLS Trilogy (Dischord/Parade/Passing)
Local filmmaking duo Jaime Carrera & Tyler Jensen present the world premiere screening of their MPLS trilogy as part of the ...
Minneapolis multidisciplinary artist Jaime Carrera (recently named L'étoile Magazine's 2009 "Best Gay") digs back to his drag and cabaret roots to present a brand new short work entitled Carolesqu...

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Not Quite Divine: Jaime Carrera's "Godless", May 20, 2008
A Cat Lady Walks Into a Bar, Nov 9, 2012
Queer Freedom: the week in dance, Feb 1, 2013
What Do You Want to See?, Feb 7, 2013

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