Chris Pennington

Punk Rock Wood Shop (2012)
Trying to fill the gap in hands-on educational opportunities in the post NCLB educational environment, I set about creating a wood shop for our special Education students. The principal was kind enough...

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Reboot Skee-Bot (2011)  
Reboot Skee-Bot (2011)
Eric Veldey, Liseli and I made a skee-ball game for Soo Vac's 10 year Anniversary/Northern Spark. It was actually fun to play! The jaw was actuated by a hacked duck decoy motor.
Billboard Project (2010)  
Billboard Project (2010)
Thanks to a generous grant from Forecast Public Art, Architect Ralph Nelson of Loom Studio and I set out to create a new kind of art gallery. A "public art gallery". This structure would serve as a movie...
Table of Contents (2009)
Table of Contents (2009)
Working out of the unique and inspiring Loom Studio, we created this piece for Form + Content gallery. It is a sort of interactive Coney Island manual video game about the housing crisis in North Minneapoli...

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MASHUP: "Walker on the Green," Artist-Designed Mini Golf

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