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Profile: Davis Guggenheim, on Waiting for Superman
A mini-profile on Davis Guggenheim, in the afterglow of his newest controversial project. Written for Minnesota Monthly.
A video of a reading at the opening of Paper Dart's new space: Storefront in a Box, Minneapolis, St. Paul.  It's just a little hint of the tail--tale, but I'll let you know where to read the whole...
Big Baby Jesus
Written for and printed as part of magazine's annual summer story contest.

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Articles Featuring Maggie Ryan Sandford

miniStories: "Tice" by Maggie Ryan Sandford, Apr 22, 2008
miniStories: "Dear Mother" by Maggie Ryan Sandford, Jan 12, 2009
A Handyman for All Seasons, May 15, 2009
MN Filmmakers Invade Cannes Today--Tomorrow, the World, May 18, 2009
Tony Nelson Captures the Mad Ripple's Milieu, Jul 2, 2009
Landland's Balancing Act, Mar 10, 2010
Of Pastries and Paintings: Downtown/Lowertown St. Paul, Sep 30, 2010
Of Pastries and Paintings: A Guide to Coffee House Galleries in MN, Sep 2, 2010
Of Pastries and Paintings: Northeast Minneapolis, Dec 2, 2010
Swimming Out, Dec 10, 2010
The Chat: Minnesota Humorists Talk Shop, Dec 22, 2011
You Are Hear: Move Over, Rover (June 2012), Jun 21, 2012

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miniStories: April 2008

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