Amelia Schmelzer

Carrot Cake (Magnet)
Carrot Cake (Magnet)
As a small child, I was fascinated with the cakes in the grocery store display case, especially those with eensy weensy frosting decorations. The dense, round, from-scratch versions we ate at home were...

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Gingerbread House Kit in 1/12th Scale
This kit was created to bring a little bit of art and hands-on makery back into the dollhouse culture. It's much easier to find a pre-assembled miniature gingerbread house than it is to find something that...
Various Miniature Food Magnets
Various Miniature Food Magnets
I started creating magnet versions of miniature food to make happy, food-related memories more portable. Although when sculpting, I allowed myself the chance to work outside of 1/12th scale, all of the...

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