Aaron Squadroni

Collage I_Variation 1
Wheatpaste Collaboration
These artworks were created with members of the group Arthouse: Xperimental Architecture (AXA) and some were exhibited at the MacRostie Gallery in Grand Rapids.

Featured Work

This work was part of an exhibit shown at MacRostie Gallery in Grand Rapids, MN. The exhibit consisted of screen prints, graphite drawings, and photography that dealt with the theme of mining on the Iron...
Reflections on "Chicago Poems"  
Reflections on "Chicago Poems"
Photographs of Chicago are processed and collaged with light imagery to create visions of people and places from Carl Sandburg's "Chicago Poems."
Zambian Sketches
Zambian Sketches
This series of photographs was taken on a one month trip to Zambia and represents a range of people and places that I saw along the great north road and in the capitol city of Lusaka.

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